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    I have been into video editing for awhile, it wa snothing professional of even close to good. It was more or less for my personal collection. But now I have an Canon HF R100 HD camcorder with external mic and headphone jack. My problem is headsets, I wont a good heaset that I can use for audio monitoring through the Camcorder. I dont have a lot of money and looking for a cheap but decent set. If you have any ideas let me know.



    I have some Skullcandy brand headphones that I wouldn’t part with. I got them for Christmas with a Best Buy gift card. They cost $32 and offer great sounds. They’re not noise cancelling and then don’t completely cover the ear. Go to Best Buy and try out all their headphones.



    The Sony headphones are low-priced (BestBuy $25-$50) and well worth it. We have 4-five pairs of them lying about and they seem to tolerate all sorts of abuse and stay functional.



    thanks for the facts I genuinely appreciate it. Been possessing complications acquiring something beneficial on google about it. I do want to apologize for my poor spelling on my 1st post it was late and I was having tired.



    If you are hunting most effective Cheap headphone so you need to acquire Koss Porta Pro. Koss hit a house run with the PortaPros.There is no denying the sound good quality here: they are the ideal companion for mobile audiophiles and property theater enthusiasts.



    Sony has a pair of noise canceling headphones for $50 at Very best Invest in – I’ve had these for years and they are very good for on camera monitoring as properly as plugged in to my Pc for editing. I did purchase a set of the Bose ear buds for my wife for $one hundred and she says they’re remarkable.



    I just use 1 little ear bud.



    Thank you also for the sound assistance.So no head set with bass boost for in the field or for editing.



    for monitoring audio although shooting video a noise-cancelling set of earphones would be an asset, as birdcat advisable. I’ve have not applied noise-cancelling ones but, myself. A further alternative for monitoring audio whilst shooting is an more than the ear set which physically cover the ear, this helps to filter out extraneous noise and helps you monitor the audio that you are recording. Most effective Buy hasSony MDR 570 LP for $25. Any set of phones that you are going to use for monitoring audio, regardless of whether while recording in the field or while editing on your computer system, should have as ‘flat’ a response as attainable. This implies that they don’t enhance bass or otherwiseaugment any frequency that you hear. this way what you are hearingis closeto what you are recording.For monitoring audio although editing, I use either Sony MDR-V150 (on the ear, wide frequency variety, long cord, $20-Very best Invest in) or Koss K240 (over the ear studio monitor, wide frequency,600 ohm model, paid $two.50 at flea market place!). I would suggest going to a store and trying prior to you acquire. Listen for frequency variety (all-natural high, middle and low variety) and eliminating background sounds (if applying for field recording). Superior shooting.



    One thing- monitoring a shoot with noise canceling cans can result in some surprises back in the editing bay… I did it once and didn’t notice the buzz in the footage until it was too late.



    I thank all of you for the good aid on this issue. I have decided to g with Sony’s MDR-V150 for the reason that $20 isnt undesirable for a decent pair of headsets. I would go $50 for a set but have other props and so forth to finance for my film even with constructing some its obtaining high priced. Grinner I would do the identical but cant stand them issues, dont know why either. Once again thank you for all of your aid everybody.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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