five Lifestyle Hacks Fur Cat Homeowners

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Purrfect hacks to make lifestyle for you and your cat/s a lot more satisfying πŸ™‚

Enable us know of a lot more hacks for cat entrepreneurs in the remarks part!

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47 thoughts on “five Lifestyle Hacks Fur Cat Homeowners

  1. wait if ya have a plastic bin ya could put a cat bed in it attach a rope to the plastic bin in any way ya can then you can pull a cat along for a ride outside also ya can use a cat cave instead of a plastic bin!

  2. there isa spray for cats with cat nic that worksvery good! mybe if you have an old cat bed tet they don'tlike try out spraying it oropeining a hole , then putting cat nic and sewingit

  3. I find it absolutely amazing that I can be captured by videos with no speaking – totally fascinated by two beautiful cats, their antics, and the obvious love between them and their humans. I love this channel!

  4. I did all these…my cats were overjoyed! Except the cat treat water bottle puzzle became the little dogs toy. The dog won't even play, but she spent over an hour rolling that bottle around trying to get treats out.

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