6 Smartphone Lifetime Hacks YOU Need to KNOW!

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6 Smartphone Lifetime Hacks YOU Need to KNOW!

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46 thoughts on “6 Smartphone Lifetime Hacks YOU Need to KNOW!

  1. Thanks for the tips and all, but it is incredibly frustrating as well incredibly frustrating as it could eaaaaasily be cut in half (and just as easily into a full third) by cutting all the needless redundancy. For ex., the snapping pics one … that goes on waaaaay too long for absolutely zeeeero reason.

  2. No 2. Why didn't you explain what the purpose was….What the tubed product was ….
    Why you used so much when a smaller amount by far would have done the job which clearly was A1 once the purpose was revealed.
    I hate these goddamned videos which have no instructions, spoken or written.

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