10 Magnificent Soda Can Daily life Hacks

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Save your aluminum cans, there are so quite a few methods to reuse them! You can build flower pots, door stops, whistles and even a a ingesting cup. Check out these 10 awesome soda can lifetime hacks and place your recycled cans to do the job!

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48 thoughts on “10 Magnificent Soda Can Daily life Hacks

  1. No. It's not the water vapour condensing that causes the implosion. The hotter a gas is, the less dense it is at the same pressure, so there is less gas in the can applying the same pressure as the cooler air outside it. Placing it in the cold water means that the air inside rapidly cools, dropping the pressure (as the actual amount of gas is the same when it was hot), and since the water that the can is submerged in can't get into the can fast enough (and that a can is not made to handle low interior pressure), it implodes.

  2. Scented candle melter: Those things are designed to specifically not be a flame candle… Using this "life-hack" is like buying a Corvette and permanently welding a huge trailer on the end cuz you wanted a pickup…

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