three Uncomplicated Lifestyle Hacks

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three Uncomplicated Lifestyle Hacks

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49 thoughts on “three Uncomplicated Lifestyle Hacks

  1. al primero. yo le haría un la entrada en la base de la lata. para simplemente ajustarlo a cualquier vaso como base.y usaría cualquier batería de celular para hacerlo recargable en ves de la pila común

    to the first. I would make an entry in the base of the can. To simply adjust it to any glass as a base. And would use any cell phone battery to make it rechargeable instead of the common battery

  2. Really cool and fun!  I will most certainly duplicate these with my 9 year old.  Thank you so much for sharing with all your videos.  Physics makes the world go around!

  3. Good ideas but  for me at least it  would be good to identify parts……     I now most of it is obvious.

    Can we have one on how to rig up a small bird bath pump?

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