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ON Semiconductor – Fairchild Acquisition For more than fifty years, two companies have been recognized leaders in semiconductor products and solutions. ON Semiconductor has been driving energy efficient innovations for decades and Fairchild is a semiconductor industry pioneer. Today, they come together as one…

What is OLED?

Watch more Tech Topics Explained – OLED is emerging television tech that’s used in the best-looking TVs we’ve seen to date. We explain how OLED differs from regular TVs, and what you need to know. source

Simple Electric Circuit

Simple Electric Circuit In this video , you will saw how a switch works .I.e. background connection of bulb or fan, switch and battery. This is best video to learn for kids. Try it at home and comment your experience….

The SPICE Circuit Simulator

The “Simulation Program Integrated Circuit Emphasis”, SPICE is presented. A sample SPICE circuit is analyzed using the free LTspice program. Schematic capture, SPICE simulation and waveform viewing using LT-SPICE is done to analyze a simple circuit. source