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Getting Started with CircuitLab

CircuitLab is a suite of web-based electronics design tools, including the first web-based circuit simulator with the power and accuracy needed for board-level design tasks. Explore example circuits and draw your own schematics at




  1. Looks nifty, but, unfortunately CircuitLab pulled a bait-and-switch. It started out free, but now it's quite expensive (except for students/faculty/staff at an educational institution). Pricing starts at $79/year or $16/month for the "Lite" hobbiest version, for non-commercial use only, and it goes up from there. The price is 5x higher if you want the option of commercial use of your designs.

  2. So, I'm going to need to send an electrical pulse to my hammer from malletspace, how would I get about opening the wall with this wiring so that I am able to go to the lightning rod to charge up said warhammer? 

  3. hm… I wrote a similar program using C#. I developed it for a contest. It can work with resistors, capacitors and inductors. It uses "the method of nodal potentials". I'm 18 years old.)


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